Rent To Own Properties Philippines


Rent to Own Properties Philippines will give you affordable and high-quality property within your area.


Affordable because of its very low cash out and monthly amortization that deserve your investment.

High-quality because it will give you a reasonable space for you and your family. The quality of the property is assured to be a high class with affordable price.

With its pre-cast technology, our properties are more than 150% higher quality than normal housing properties. Pre-cast Technolgy is a modern technology used for constructing houses and condominium units in first world countries. We are providing a community that will complete the quality of living for you and your family without compromising the comfort of living.


Rent to Own Properties Philippines is operated and managed by Ideal Homes Team, a top marketing group of InvestPhil Realty and Development Corporation. The team is known for it’s Murang Rent to Own Brand. Serving hardworking Filipino and investors avail their property investment base on their own needs.


Rent to Own Properties will surely deliver a property that suits your goal and your present situation.

What are you waiting for? Do not hesitate to contact us now.


About Our Team

Our team is composed of young Professionals of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons. 


Ariel B. Baluso


Licensed Real Estate Broker
Head of the Marketing Team

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